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sexta-feira, 18 de julho de 2014


      For many religious organizations said God is not in you, but is far from you. Tell you that it is a God in his heavenly government, far from reality here on earth. 
      The God who tell you to charge cash fixed values ​​of ten percent, while the scriptures say in ten percent of the earth products, and only for the Jews of that time, because the Levitical law was repealed in Hebrews 7. 
      The God who preach to you do not need you to love Him or anyone else, just to contribute monthly that everything will be right. Now do not forget that today the principle is to love God and your neighbor as yourself (ie make the next putting yourself in his place, as you would have them do unto you), it does not teach you. 
      The God who said to you you will fill your bank account, real estate, farms and cars. They did not tell you the truth of the New Testament that you should not love riches, because you can not serve God and mammon. 
       They are still there in the mind Solomonic riches of the Old Testament. Do not live the present time, living in the past. The God saying to you is achieved through monthly payments. They did not say to you that there is no price for the eternal kingdom, except the sacrifice of the innocent blood of the Savior. They did not say that the sacrifice for our times is not in cash. They did not tell you that the sacrifice is to live in holiness. 
      Ask for your money, but if you need aid after so many years of contribution you are coercive in the street of sorrow, because they do not tell you you shut the doors in the future. 
       The God who sell to you is a distant God, and is not present as Trinity. Just speak in tongues and be all right, as if it were a Trinity only. 
       Do not teach you to seek the truth, but to serve the interests of those who dominate his mind. 
       Not teach you to meditate because you find out the truth.