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terça-feira, 10 de junho de 2014

moon - the woman in the bed and its two faces - the apparent hologram - the vision on the floor, fish dogs chariots horses and snakes

The woman in the bed and its two faces
When walking by the hospital, one morning in 2009, there were a few litters in the infirmary. A lying woman caught my attention, it was my younger sister. I saw it first on the right side, and there was my irmã.Ao approaching me even more, I visualized the left cheek. The left side was another woman. I was intrigued. I walked around the stretcher and visualized the profile again on the left, was my sister. In short, a woman, two distinct faces.

Two pit bull licking their hands

One night I walked around town, I felt a rush and got a yard of a strange house, opened the door and walked in, went to the backyard, past the side of the house, there was a pool, and two women, sober. Few laps around the pool, slowly, and did not notice my presence, as if I did not exist. Upon leaving, after a time, came towards me two pitbull. What was my surprise and none of them attacked me, growled or made any noise, just licked each one's right hand, another his left hand. And I left quietly, no barking of animals.

The revelation of God's love for the spiritual message vase in church
"Because I love you"

The sunlit path of darkness - the moon 40 times higher
 "If a preacher the stones will cry out."
"Jesus said I am the way, the truth and the life: no man cometh unto the Father but by me.".

The coincident experience of Crazy - Crazy, who you thought you were?
Being a psychiatric hospital, was asked some ICD10 what they once thought they were. The first retrocou, and said: "I thought it was Jesus Christ, and I was going to die on the cross."; the second, turn "I also thought it was Jesus, and were going to kill me, crucify me."; the third, in turn said: "In the early symptoms I thought it was Jesus Christ who would crucify me, I lived in hiding under the bushes so they found me and not do this to me." The detail is that everyone thought they were Jesus Christ, none said Mohammed, Buddha, Chico Xavier, etc..
 "Not the crazy err the way"

The apparent hologram - the heartbeat and an enlarged face

01.01.2009 - The day the entire universe moved and the sky was divided into two - the stars spinning at extreme speed.
Walking through the morning, New Year's Eve, a sense of loneliness and smallness, I remembered God. And he questioned why I would be spending another New Year alone, upset that morning. I was thoughtful and kept walking, wondering not be fair for me to be alone for so long, and in particular, on that date in which much of the world celebrates with their families. When, after a few minutes, I came across a dark street, I began to observe the heavens, the work of God's creation, and, given the darkness of the place, it clearly appears the star cluster and other static stars on the celestial vault. Suddenly the stars began, all, turning slowly, half clockwise and half counter-clockwise, as if dividing in half the sky. The speed was increasing, and continued to rotate until sometime revolved very high speeds, all. In the West one, much larger than the others in the eyes and in the east a large, red, though smaller than the white star appeared large, white star appeared. Both in a parabolic motion one against the other, crossed the sky in order to meet the vertex of the parabola. So that coalesced and became just a big white star on the vertex of the parabola.
The message?
"I and the Father are one."

December 2008 - Where is the Almighty of the Old Testament?
Was walking in the dawn of December 2008 in the city of Porto Velho, Brazil, in sudden anger, hate for life, in the land of hypocrisy, lack of love. In a suddenly cried the dark avenue, dark night, moonless, or a lighted lamp on the posts. Cried: "I want to die Where is God in this world What is the truth on this earth With so many religions which is the true religion Where is the Almighty, the Old Testament because the world speaks of love, but only if!?? see hypocrisy I wanna die ". The soul was open, the purpose of application of death was sincere. It was thought to die by the hands of the living God, as in ancient times. No thought or was considering suicide. Wanted an answer from God: As if to say: God, if you exist, manifest it. Two minutes passed. Still climbing the avenue, when approached a bend, when faced with an atypical scene while calming: The answer: The moon came up on land (there was no moon that night) and showed up about forty times higher than normal moon we see every night, the avenue was completely illuminated, along its path, an intense clarity. The chin sagged to the scene. Was the answer. Challenged God, he shows his power.
Just like a star moved in the birth of Jesus, as Joshua stopped the sun, the moon also moved.
But some say: "Where there is a preacher, the stones will cry out."
Various religious heard the story, but did not know to unravel the mystery.
Almost two years have passed.
When reading a passage of scripture, there it was: "Jesus said. I am the way, the truth and the life"

The message the white star and red
"I and the Father are one."

Medical certificate: D, that moves the stars with the power of his thought.
"The fools confuse the wise."

Communication through the eyes and forehead

The duck in the X-ray

The red dragon, the arrow in the heart and two spiked swords back

The 20 stars toward the southwest

The body turns 180 degrees in the church

Fell like a house of cards in the church. The wrath of the preacher.

The signaling
green and white
green and red
pink and green
silver and red
Blue transparency

The trial of the canopy lights: black, red and white

Floods in Brazil in 2008/2009

In Universal: "See what you're doing." And pointed to the dark and dense clouds on the horizon.

On the throne of Christ - the Majesty of Jesus Christ

"To him that overcomes will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne."
Year 2009; location: hospital; a voice saying unto me, "Fear not, I am with you.". An immense pain, as if two spiked swords, from top to bottom, and something like an arrow going through the heart slowly upwards, and that as a dragon hovered over his head to his tail, which extended to the height of the lung. An immense oppression, a struggle unprecedented. Needed to keep me going, not to suffer defeat imminent death. He was with me but won. An immense force was taking care of my body, and victory was slowly coming calm. This force was immense, you feel as if it weighed about 500 pounds, and feels like sitting on a throne. It's like a special body, something indescribable.

The vision on the floor, fish, dogs, chariots, horses, snakes

The enemy attacked my right arm and is like a withered hand
It was night in February 2013, still at home, when I was preceded by a warning from God spiritual coming, which manifested itself in his arms, like a throne. Was the warning of spiritual struggle.
     As night advanced, a rush, a strange and coercive force took possession of my right arm. My hand was like a withered hand, no movement with the arm. By hard I tried to extricate myself from that atypical and enemy force.
      He was the dog.
     Wanting to dominate me, how many rules over the earth, he, the father of the occult sciences.
    The solution was the word Jesus. However, knowing that it could not stand the word, used it against him, to make you desapoderasse my right arm.
      One passage says:
Not R
And not
Not S
I do not
Not S
Not T
I do not

Not A
Not The

No D
I do not
Not A
Not B
Not The

And not

And not
No L
And not

No F
Not U
Not G
I do not
Not R
Not Á

No D
And not

Not V
No O
Not S

      Moments later he was therefore not support the Word, and not the name of Jesus.

Like an eagle

The drawings in colored wall

Three guns pointed at his head - air base

And said: "I am you tomorrow."

The four doves on the moon

November 2008: After a long session in John Paul II Hospital, with attempts to find the light, which faded with Palios red, white and black, and failure in the project, there was an adjustment phase, which lasted several days, with various signs of tune with the Creator, with signs of conflicts between various spirits. After this phase, the path followed was the Campos Sales, and its first corner, a non-paved street.
Many on the verge of a ground sign, a tree with a "man-animal" format, with three horns and many junctions, like a beast. The floor various other signals. A guided bird and required interpretation. I did not know completely. While the sky became gray and began to open, the moon began to form in crescent; as I failed to interpret the moon and the shape of a bird fell apart; I tried again, again the moon was formed, with three black and white birds. It was very hard and heavy for me.
A dog was inside the ground and told me about the need for a cross. People in the neighborhood were faring badly, either vomiting, as the intestine. Despair gripped them. I was quiet.
At the end of the moon took the shape of a closed hand with the three black caps.
I went out and did not understand exactly how that happened, I preferred to go to finish that merger.
The next day there was intense attack of flies in the city, in some places, contaminated water, many dead dogs, fires in some homes.

The control of the moon the left eye and the right eye of the sun

The green and sunshine

THE SECRET OF tithe in Hebrews 7

At first, we discuss about the obligation of tithing or not.

Last tithe, for the Jewish people, was even obligatory, because it was linked to several passages, including 3.8 Ml. It was the tenth of the products of the land, ie, of vegetables, legumes, sheep and oxen. The goal was to maintain the temple, where dwelt the Almighty, and symbol of obedience to the ordinances of the Jewish people, through gatherings to the Levites. From the tithes were being made animal sacrifices necessary for the forgiveness of sins of the Jews.

To this day, and for the inhabitants of the globe, after the advent of Jesus Christ and his death on the cross, there was a substantial change. After his death the veil in the temple was rent, if making the division enters the old covenant under the priesthood of Methuselah, and the new covenant of the perfect priest and perfect sacrifice, Jesus Christ, giving an end to string of sacrifices animals.

However, under the priesthood of Methuselah, as Hebrews 7.2, Abraham collected tithes of all, taken from the spoils of war (killing of kings).
Heb 7.5 the Levites collect tithes from the people. It also says in Hebrews 7.9 that Levi paid tithes in the person of Abraham (from whom he descended, because there was not yet born).
Another question in Hebrews 7:11: If there was perfection in the Levitical priesthood because they raise new priest? For when the priesthood changes there are also necessarily CHANGE OF LAW (Heb 7:12).

Heb 7:13-14 JESUS ​​CHRIST, the new priest is of the tribe of JUDAH (and not of the tribe of Levi). There had never been a priest of the tribe of Judah JESUS ​​CHRIST was formed priest forever (Heb. 7:17) as the power of life indissoluble, not after the law of a carnal commandment.

Heb 7:18 REVOKED THE FOREGOING ORDINANCE, due to its weakness and inutilidade.E the law does not perfected anything.

Therefore repealed the Levitical law, not there to collect tithes of the faithful after the death of Jesus Christ.


We were created with the head coordinating all activities of the body. The brain is in the head, the key of the nervous system as well, and from there, the whole body activity is controlled.

And the world was long ruled by monarchies, where the king was the head of the system, and usually obeyed his orders throughout the body, namely the people. The orders were issued by him, like it or not, was the center of power.


It is only the influence of the shadow government of the planet earth, where their prince governs covertly in the occult fraternities scattered around the globe, connected to powerful people, and also part of the group, sets the guidelines of world power.
Sell ​​the image of good, but in the background are the children of the principalities and powers of the air, the government of the occult, the magic that is present since it knows of the existence of man on earth.
Imply that they are the symbol of philosophical, scientific and political progress of the world, where people use as the underpinning for his statement, and deceive entitling them as the new sovereign. Nothing but a manipulated people.
Convey the idea that they have a God, but they hide at the service of God's enemy.

Jesus told his disciples: "Come on, what's next prince of this world. And I have nothing on it. "

Very delude themselves that God governs this planet, is not true. The planet is ruled by the prince of darkness.


Jesus said: "Whoever keeps my word, and that word is not mine, it was my father who gave me, I and my Father will come and make our abode with him."

And he said, "Love God above all things and your neighbor as yourself."

And more: "Love God with all your strength, with all your soul, with all your heart and with all your mind.

But what is the word you should keep? The New Testament or New Covenant, which was written for all mankind.

What else: "I was thirsty, you gave me drink. I was hungry, you gave me food. Was naked, gave me to wear. I was in prison, did you visit me. I was sick, you were to visit me. "This is one way you love God.